Finance your education with your future career

We’ve partnered with Meratas to develop a market-leading Income Share Agreement program to allow three candidates in every cohort to enroll in a full-time Wyncode program with no up-front tuition costs. ISA recipients can pay back tuition once you’ve landed a job making $35,000/year or more. ISA applications are open for our full-time programs: Full Stack Web Development and UX/UI Immersive.

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Enrollment Deadline October 16, 2020

What is an ISA?

An Income Share Agreement, or ISA, lets you get funding for your education in exchange for a percentage of your salary once you’ve landed a job after graduation. 

Essentially, it is an agreement that allows you to enroll in a full-time Wyncode program at no cost (outside an initial $500 deposit) until you secure a position making at least $35,000 a year. 

The percentage of salary and number of payments would remain the same (regardless of salary changes) until the repayment cap is met or all the payments are made, whichever happens first.




Who can apply?

Wyncode's Income Share Agreements are granted to candidates that have a financial need. Before each start date, we will review applications to our ISA program and select up to three candidates that will be granted an ISA for their full time program of choice. Candidates can apply for an ISA in their Wyncode application process with the guidance of our Admissions Team.

ISA eligibility is based on an application with criteria set by Wyncode and our ISA partner Meratas, and final recipients will be chosen at Wyncode's discretion.

If you have questions about your eligibility, please reach out to Admissions by emailing or schedule a call here

How do I apply?

Apply to your Wyncode full-time program of choice

Our admissions team will review your application and guide you in the process through acceptance.


Confirm your spot in the program with a $500 deposit

This deposit reserves your seat in the class, and it is not included in the ISA.


Apply for the ISA 

This will happen through Wyncode and our ISA partner Meratas. ISA approval is based on an application with criteria set by Wyncode and Meratas. Both teams will review your application and make a decision whether or not you will be granted an ISA. 


Review and confirm your ISA terms

Our ISA terms are a standard 16% of your future salary paid back on a monthly basis, with a total of 36 payments, and a maximum tuition repayment cap of $29,000. This means your ISA will end when you complete the 36 payments or when you meet the repayment cap, whichever happens first.


How does it work?

Lets imagine your name is Alex. This is what your ISA timeline might look like:

April 2020

Alex graduates! She meets with Wyntalent for job support.

January 2020

Alex signs her ISA and starts in the UX/UI Immersive program.

June 2020

Alex lands a job as a UX/UI designer. She makes $65,000 a year. 

July 2020

Alex’s grace period ends and she starts making monthly ISA payments.

Alex gets a few promotions and her salary increases. Since her ISA percentage stays the same, her monthly payments increase.

July 2024

Alex makes her 40th payment. She meets the third year repayment cap, which ends her ISA . She paid $25,300 in total.

Wyncode’s ISA is the only program in Miami that gives recipients an interest-free year. If you pay back your original tuition amount within one year of graduation, the ISA payments will not kick in. This means you won’t have to pay any extra fees, interest, or anything— just your tuition. 

Ready to kickstart your new career?

Start your admissions process by submitting an application. Our Admissions Team will be in touch soon!