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Welcome to

Wyncode Remote

Wyncode Academy's award-winning premier accelerated learning programs are now available online. Sign up today to jumpstart your new career in tech!

Enrollment Deadline: January 22nd, 2021

About Wyncode Remote

As a remote student you will remotely attend daily lectures at their scheduled time, learning alongside our in-person students. Instructors and teaching assistants will be available online to answer your questions or help troubleshoot any problems. Remote students will also receive all the other benefits in-person students get, including:

Soft Skill Training

Full Instructor and TA Support

Lifetime Job Support

Change your career from the comfort of your own home

About our programs

UX/UI Immersive

Full Stack Web Development

Full Time | 10 Weeks

Full Time | 10 Weeks

Interested in a career in UX/UI? In ten weeks you'll complete 350 hours of staffed learning, conduct user research, create wireframes and prototypes, learn developer hand-off best practices, and graduate as a UX/UI designer. When this full-time course ends, Wyncode’s excellent job support will assist you until you find the technical job of your dreams. Wyncoders have been hired at over 400 companies and counting.

Are you looking to change your life? Wyncode’s Full Stack Web Development program is a great place to start. In ten weeks you’ll complete 350 hours of staffed learning, write 5,000 lines of code, and graduate as a full stack developer. When this full-time course ends, Wyncode’s excellent job support will assist you until you find the technical job of your dreams. Wyncoders have been hired at over 400 hiring partners and counting.

What students think about remote classes

My instructor and TA’s were just as accessable remotely as they were in class, if not even more! I also loved listening to lectures while enjoying the nice weather outside on my porch. [Gessica] has a unique way of always keeping the content fresh, fun, and informative. 

I feel like we all bonded a lot more thanks to this experience, because in the mornings, we would all share a little bit about how things are going. In class, you would normally do that with your closest friends, or your row of classmates, but via Zoom, you talk to everyone at once.

My experience [learning] remote started uncomfortably primarily because I’ve always taken classes in person. However the support of multiple TA’s really helped me get the help I needed at crucial moments... it was a very positive experience overall.

Kristina Gros

UX/UI Immersive, C09

Carolina Klein

Full-Stack Web Development, C36

Leigh Chin

Full-Stack Web Development, C36

A day as a Wyncode Remote student

9:20 AM

Log in to your Zoom account

9:30 AM

Morning announcements with
Programs Manager

9:45 AM - 10:00 AM

Morning lecture begins

12:15 AM

Break off into groups for stand-ups

12:30 PM

Log out for lunch

1:30 PM

Log back in for afternoon lecture

3:30 PM

Work on projects or hear from guest speakers

5:30 PM and later

Get support from TAs and review concepts 

Have questions about what your work in a day will look like? Chat with Admissions!


Every day is different at Wyncode. Our vibrant and fun Wyncode culture is just as strong remotely. Stay up to date with what's happening by following us on Instagram and taking a look at our Remote Life highlight!

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